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-A catastrophic tale of hubris and oversized leeches.

"Short, sharp, punchy story... the ending is hugely satisfying." - PC GAMER

First you fly..
Then you crash..
And finally you deal with.. THE FLESHWORMS!

Created by Malte Burup - outerzonetweets

Made in two weeks for Adventure Jam 2019

Fleshworms is the third episode in the point-and-click series "Tales From The Outer Zone".


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Fleshworms v1.0.3.zip 29 MB

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A fun game just like the other games from Tales From The Outer Zone series.

Waiting for the next one. :)

Thanks a lot! And thank you for doing a let's play :)

I am also eager to make the next chapter, but I'm currently spending all my time making a psychiatry simulator in the same universe called "Mind Scanners". 

Another sweet addition to the series, for people who haven't, check out the two other episodes. :) 


Thanks a lot for another great lets play Cryptic! I'll make another episode for you this year I hope :)

Uuu, I like that plan. More Outer Zone! :)

Wow! This is truly one of the best games I've played in quite some time. And that is in spite of the fact that I found some of the puzzles INFURIATING. (I suck at adventure game logic.)


nothing beats solving infuriating puzzles :D your words warms my hardworking developer heart - thank you!

Cant beat a good creepy point and click adventure the art style was fantastic looking forward to playing the rest of the games of this series

thank you for your kind words and also for the let's play :)

Here is the video as I promised. I tinkered with my voice filters so it should sound a lot better than usual.

Thanks a lot for the lets play :D

And thank you for the chance to play! it is hard to come by such an entertaining pixel clicker game. Even more so anentertaining horror game.

I'm happy you liked it. And that it works as a horror game :)

Yeah. I honestly believe anything with monsters and blood and gore can be considered horror. Not all horror has to be scary. Like the munsters or the Adam's family for instance. It was a great game! And it fits the horror genre well!

I havefinished the video. it will be up on monday. tell me, what do you think of the thumbnail? is it eye catching, what can i do to improve?

cool - looking forward to it. Nope looks good to me :)

An interesting addition to the 'Outer Zone' world. I must admit the protagnist 'swearing like a sailor' was definitely a disconnect from the first two games. Admittadly, a very different character also.

A great example of another two week point-and-click project. I really enjoyed the third angle this story has taken and look foward to more.

thanks - yeah one of my goals with this world is to make place for all of my ideas. No matter the genre and theme. I love diversity, but it is a hard thing to balance - it can quickly spin out of control :) I hope to keep everything believable within the same universe.

Yay! I finished it. A really fun and creepy game and made in just two weeks! Really cool. 

thank you. Yeah - pretty intense two weeks :D

I might be posting a gameplay of it tomorrow, Not sure if i do, but if i do i will post it here

You are very welcome to do so :) Looking forward to it.

Flesh Worms is a seriously amazing game!! Music sets a great vibe and the humor is twisted!

Thank you :D And thanks for the let's play!