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The Construction

- A gunslinging tale of settlers and zygnoka

While finalizing the construction of the futuristic metropolis The Structure, the young Constructor journeys out into The Outer Zone to mine for zygnoka at a nearby meteorite impact crater.

Malte Burup - Art, writing, design and music

Rasmus Nilsson - Programming, design and sound design

Made in a couple of weeks for Adventure X Jam 2021. 

The Construction is the fourth episode in the point-and-click series "Tales From The Outer Zone".

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Narrative, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Sci-fi, Short, Story Rich, Western


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Hey thank you for these games !
I love those short bursts of adventure, where the universe is progressively being built.

I have tried Mind Scanners. To be honest, even though the universe is great, I don't like it as much those point & click shots. Too much grinding for me probably...

But anyway, congratulation for those creative explorations !


Thank you so much! And thanks for giving Mind Scanners a try - its a very different experience indeed :D

I really like the world building of these games. You are very talented. And the music is alsways on point.Can't wait to see more from you.

Aww thank you :) Hope to bring you many more games!


Played all the Outer Zone games, loved them all!!

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Oh thanks a bunch! And thank you for the video!

We had a lot of fun with our first Tales From The Outer Zone when playing it during our stream! 😊 I wrote little recaps of all AdvXJam submissions for our blog and want to add this here:

The Construction is one of those games that make you forget that all of these games were developed over just two weeks due to how polished it is. While working on a futuristic structure, the young Constructor has to find a way to mine more of the Zygnoka crystals needed to power machines.

The game features a few very satisfying puzzles, as well as an exposition that quickly transported us into the world of Tales From The Outer Zone – this game is actually part of a whole series! And we can't wait to explore more of it.

Thanks alot for the nice words! We are happy you liked it :)


A sweet new Outer Zone episode. I so want a big game that brings together at least some of the characters from the previous tales. :) 


Thank you Cryptic Hybrid! As always - thanks a bunch for the video! Hope to grant your wish one day and make many more episodes. I promise to bring back old characters and tie it all together somehow :)

By tie it all together you mean have some conclusion for a few characters and leave most in a bind for a future game right? :) Cause there's so much already. 

Great stuff. The ending was really effective, especially the music in that section!

Thanks a lot Powerhoof! Yeah, I went all-in on the Morricone ending :D Glad it worked!

Nice work. Looking forward to seeing how it all ties together with the world you've created and where the story will go.

Thanks :) I do too :D

Det er som sædvandeligt et godt lille adventure spil. Jeg syndes dog spillet var lidt kort, og igen har jeg en fornemmelse af at det næsten stoppede før end det rigtigt var kommet i gang. Men stemningen i spillet er rigtig god, og jeg er glad for at have spillet det.


Mange tak! Ja det er ganske kort. Nok det korteste af de 4 episoder. Ville være fedt at lave et langt adventure spil engang :)

Love your art style, would love to collaborate with you on something. 

Thank you! And thanks alot for the let's play :) 


been looking forward to another one of your creations. what a treat! thanks

Thanks alot - I appreciate it :)


Another great entry in the outer zone series. More characters and more information about this strange land.


Yeah.. the lands of lore :D Hope to bring you many more chapters over the years :) Thank you!