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Tales From The Outer Zone: The Goat Crone

An occult yule tale of family love and dark rituals.

"Rich and dark like a witch's broth"


Alma has to prepare the yule ham while her father is out in the forest. But the nightmarish myth of The Goat Crone haunts her and her baby brother.

The Goat Crone is the second episode of Tales From The Outer Zone. The first episode "Cyborg Seppuku" is available HERE

This game was made in three weeks for MAGS December 2018.

A game by Malte Burup @outerzonetweets


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Hilariously connecting Cyborg Seppuku and Fleshworms, great :) 

Yeah! The mystery unfolds :) Happy you liked the ending.

No Commentary :)

Thank you for the let's play :D

Awesome!!  I really enjoyed this!!


Thank you!! There are two other episodes: 1: Cyborg Seppuku and 3: Fleshworms. I hope to make many more :)

Yes, I enjoyed the Cyborg game too!! I haven't tried the fleshworms because the of the title lol, but now that I realize it's yours I'll give it a try! :) 


Hah - try it :D

Woah... scary!


Good :D

A fun experience. We enjoyed it very much.

I am happy to hear that - thank you for playing and for the video :)

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

loved it! 

Happy to hear that :D Hope to bring you more episodes this year.

Figuring out that the interface is upside took twice more time than passing the whole game!

I should probably include a tutorial at some point :) It's a point-and-click standard nowadays (or standard for games made in AGS). Thanks for pointing it out.

Will the game be available for Mac as well?

Unfortunately the engine does not support Apple. But I may be able to port the series once I have enough episodes to make a collection.


Good job on making a very strange little game.  I haven't played the first game, but this turned into something that I wasn't expecting.  Keep up the interesting work!

Thanks a bunch for the let's play - it's nice to see some reactions to my game :) Glad you liked it!

Thanks.  I'm looking forward to the next game.


Great job on keeping the sense of unease and horror going throughout this game. I wish I'd read that this was the second episode and played Cyborg Seppuku first, as I'm sure the end of this would've made a ton more sense. Still great! Looking forward tot he next one.

Great let's play - thanks a bunch! It's interesting to see the reactions to the beginning of the game and the scary bits. Yeah.. try Cyborg Seppuku - it will make a little more sense. The end was still meant as a surprise though. I will make more episodes of the series when I get time. 

Deleted 1 year ago
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Thank you DWR :D Yeah, this game taught me something about making puzzles in adventure games. I focused on narrative, so forgot to make it challanging. It's a hard balance - because I hate being stuck in adventure games, so I try not to make my games too hard. This game is too easy. I'm happy that everything else is working the way I intended :)

<span <this="" episode="" is="" very="" amazing!<="" span=""></span>THIS EPISODE IS VERY AMAZING! I'm looking forward to the next episode! :D

Deleted 2 years ago

thank you so much for the let's play 👌 Nice to see a german translation 🙂

Really enjoyed that. I hoped for a little longer point-and-click horror adventure but it was great!

If you haven't tried Cyborg Seppuku yet, it's the first episode of the same series. Different theme though :)

Yes, this one is next on the list. I really enjoyed the feel of Goat Crone. Very V Vitch  feels  which i like

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The game was definitely inspired by The VVitch. And also Under The Skin - great films!

I made a live-action film many years back - "Fangst". It shares a lot of the same themes. You can watch FANGST on vimeo here.

I’ll definitely check  it out , thanks. Looking forward to complete Cyborg sepukku and other episodes in the future. Good luck !

Very nice addition to the Outer Zone. :) Looking forward to the next episode. Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! 


Happy you liked it Cryptic Hybrid - nice let's play :D